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Plan for Success, Prepare for Change.

by Judeth M. Rainville, Managing Director & Christopher Milne, Managing Director

The title comes from the Gage Wiley Wealth Management brochure and it pretty much sums up the focus of the Gage Wiley team during the eventful 2020. We worked hard to hold true to our investment management discipline and to help our clients stay the course of their own well-crafted financial plans; all the while navigating through change that came fast and furious to the world as a whole and to our own microcosm. On that front we feel it was a successful year.

Adaptation is a hallmark of any business that has survived 88 years (Gage-Wiley) or 97 years (St. Germain). From the broader perspective, when we look back on our company’s history we tend to mark our success by navigating well through events, or eras—such as the depression, World War II, 9/11, the tech bubble, the Great Recession—and for this past year, the pandemic. We respond to the world around us as it unfolds and we continue to do our work.

But those eras, and those events are actually made up of moments—one after another, day after day—of working closely with our clients. It is the relationships with our clients, and helping them to successfully navigate through their life, that we love most about our work. And this year was perhaps one of our most challenging simply because we missed seeing our clients face-to-face. We missed seeing their smiling faces (and their dogs). We missed sitting around the conference table and talking through a financial plan. We missed laughing with them; and worst of all we are sorry we were not able to reach out our hands or arms to embrace those that lost a loved one this year, whether to COVID-19 or another cause.

We are grateful to be nestled close to the communities of our Northampton and Plymouth offices, and to now be part of the larger whole of St Germain. We will continue to focus on morphing our investment management and our business structure to meet the changing world. But we will never change the hallmark of our work, which we all share: our commitment to our clientele.

And so, when reflecting back on 2020, we are very grateful that markets and investments held up so well, but it was a hard year because we missed seeing our Gage Wiley “family.”

Our gratitude to our clients and to co-workers for working together through this environment is immense. And we look forward to inviting you back into the office with open arms in the coming year.

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