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Non-Profit Organizations face the challenge of effectively managing the sometimes competing interests of a tight budget and the long-term goals and stability of an endowment, in order to insure the financial health and long-term success of the organization. They also face the formidable task of working in a structure in which the faces within the governing board change regularly, but the process must stay steady. The job of a non-profit fiduciary carries responsibilities we understand.

We can help Non-Profit Boards maneuver through the course of establishing investment and spending policies, as well as work to help the organization develop a structure and process to support their on-going fiduciary responsibility. Through New England Capital we have been managing charitable endowments for many years with sound investment results. We provide regular informative and transparent reporting and, with Board authorization, work with Executive Directors and Financial Officers to assist in financial planning and assure seamless execution of administrative services.

We manage endowment funds of non-profits in a manner designed to keep the organization going in perpetuity.

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