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Estate Planning is an important component of any comprehensive financial and investment plan.    A good estate plan will protect your assets from unnecessary delays, expenses and taxes, and insure your assets are passed on as you intend.

The estate planning process involves coordination between your legal, accounting and investment professionals.  We will confer with your lawyer and your accountant or, if you don’t have those advisors in place, we can help you to find the right professionals to guide you through the process.

As investment advisors, we work with our clients to help them identify what assets they presently have and explore how they would like them to pass on.  Once a plan has been developed we assist in re-titling accounts and moving assets as directed by the plan.  This may involve such things as dividing assets between spouses, establishing family or living trust accounts or creating and planning funding for charitable trusts.  We work to insure your assets are appropriately invested for your plan of transitioning wealth.

We’ve worked with many families as they have transitioned wealth through the generations.  We welcome the opportunity to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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