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When meeting with a new investment client a key question comes up: what type of professional relationship will work best? While many people enjoy a hands on approach to managing their money, we’ve found a growing number of clients are looking for an alternative, one that would continue to provide personal service but relieve them of the day-to-day responsibility of money management.

In 1994 Gage-Wiley & Co., Inc established New England Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor, to serve clients who wanted to be free of the responsibility of the day-to-day decision-making required in today’s complex marketplace.  Available exclusively through your Gage-Wiley financial consultant, New England Capital is backed by the same history, same philosophy and same people who have made Gage-Wiley such a respected firm.

Managed Accounts provide an alternative to managing money yourself – experienced professionals, working full time and fully accountable to you. Our services include regular reports in easy to understand language, quarterly reviews, tax-planning, year-end summaries and co-ordination with your legal and tax advisor; all to keep you informed and confident.

Whether it’s an individual account, a tax-sheltered retirement plan, complex trust or endowment account, New England Capital addresses the needs of individuals, businesses, non profits and fiduciaries in their desire for sophisticated money management, accountability and personalized service. We manage a wide array of assets for our clients including individual equities and fixed income securities, exchange traded funds and no-load mutual funds. Each account tailored to each client.

New England Capital is a d/b/a of St. Germain Investment Management
Securities offered through St. Germain Securities, Inc.   FINRA, SEC, SiPC